I'm am a young designer from Washington, DC. I have recently graduated from George Mason University where I obtained my BFA in Art and Visual Technology with a concentration in graphic design. 

Growing up I have always been attracted to all things creative in my environment and I'd like to think of myself as having a keen eye for art and design. Being exposed to the arts for over half my life has helped me significantly to create an outlet for myself as well as develop as a young designer. 

Photography is the first passion of mine that really got me involved in the expressive side of life. Nature, portrait, lifestyle and street photography is my specialty.

Graphic Design is another love of mine. I have always been interesting in design and since being in college, my knowledge and skills have grown so much. I enjoy the problem-solving, brainstorming and uniqueness that every project brings. I am currently obsessed with motion graphics and traditional techniques such as letterpress printing. 

I see everyday as I chance to learn, push myself and take more risks as a creative. My progress is infinite.